Quick Start

Good to know: A quick start guide can be good to help folks get up and running with your API in a few steps. Some people prefer diving in with the basics rather than meticulously reading every page of documentation!

Get your API keys

In order to obtain an API key, you must first have a registered and active account with Zencal. To do this, go to the registration form and then go through the entire onboarding process.

If you already have a Zencal account, send a request for API keys to hello@zencal.io. It is important that the message is sent from the email to which the request relates. In addition, in the body of the email, provide the secret service code, which can be found in the Account tab of the Zencal dashboard.

How to authorize yourself

To authorize yourself in the Zencal API, you need to use the X-Zencal-Api-Key header for this purpose. Set it to the value of the API key you obtained when you contacted us.

Also set the content-type and accept headers to application/json

Now you are ready to call the Zencal API methods

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